Shiva Token
Automatic Bitcoin Rewards (BTCB)
Each owner of Shiva tokens is eligible to automatically receive $BTCB from the reward pool. The reward pool contains a number of $BTCB tokens reserved by the contract. The contract uses a portion of the tax applied to every transaction (10%) to do this.
After a certain amount of tokens are stored in the contract (20,000,000 Token) it initiates a swap. A swap in this context is the process of swapping the contract's token balance with $BTCBs in order to increase the reward pool.
Each user is assigned a claim date after the first time they receive SHIVA tokens (Either through purchasing or receiving from someone else). On the claim date, users automatically receive their share from the SHIVA pool through the contract automatically (have to be holding a minimum of 100,000 $SHIVA Tokens). After successfully receiving their reward, the claim date advances to the future, beginning a new cycle.
The base duration of the cycle is set to 6 hours
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